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How to Write to an Angel: Increasing your Daily Spiritual Support (Even When Everything Seems to be Falling Apart)

With Lin Lacy, Artist & Author, and
Laurie Phillips, Life Coach & Artist

January 13, 2018, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

workshop fee includes the book


28 Benhill Road, St. Paul, MN 55105

Grapes, gluten-free crackers, cheese and tea will be served.

Everyone has angels who belong to them. Find out who yours are and begin a conversation. This workshop gives you a simple, accessible way to find loving answers to your most pressing personal questions by using pen and paper and an open heart.

This workshop is for people who want to:

• Write to their own angel 

• Find spiritual meaning

• Increase self-empowerment

• Heal from illness and loss

• Discover the artist within  

Lin “met” her angel, Joe, while experimenting with using her less-dominant hand to write answers to questions she had about her life. Soon her left hand was channeling this loving, helpful, funny, sometimes painfully honest spirit as he explained his role (and hers) in the cosmic plan. Joe offered daily support and unconditional love, and helped Lin to come into her own as an artist to lead a fulfilled and joyous life.

Join Lin Lacy and Laurie Phillips to learn how to begin writing to your angel to get daily insights and support. Practice receiving love and acceptance for who you are and where you are on your journey in this fun experiential workshop. You’ll also get Lin’s book, Advice from an Angel, so you can enjoy Joe’s wisdom, humor, and pure love; you can use it as a template for developing a relationship with your own angel. 


Lin is an artist who has worked on tapestry conservation at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, sewed costumes for the Minnesota Opera, had her own line of high-end clothing made from recycled garments, and is currently a teacher on staff at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Her work has been in numerous gallery shows and is in the collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Hennepin County Library Rare Book Special Acquisitions Collection, the Minnesota Historical Society, the Minnesota Lottery Corporate Collection, and the Alexandria Library in Egypt.

LAURIE PHILLIPS, BA Fine Arts, CPCC Coaching, EFT Level 2, Eden Energy Medicine 1

Laurie Phillips is an artist and stress relief coach who has led workshops at Blue Cross University, Adler School of Coaching, and the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Laurie created an artist book set, Suicide Survivors’ Club, with a family recovering from the suicide of a loved one. She’s the co-founder of Museum Sage, a coaching game that invites you to ask a question about your life and receive insights from a work of art.

“I have been dealing with anxiety. Writing to my angel in the morning and getting answers to my questions and comments helps me take a deep breath and realize I am very much loved.”  
- Marie

“Reading How to Write to an Angel has been amazing. Worry is a huge issue for me. Never thought about loving it to release it.”
 - Kate

“When I asked, ‘What practical steps can I take to address and release fear and perfectionism?” I received this guidance: “Be. Stay grounded and find ways to ground in your new environment: use a water feature or fountain, create a plant grotto, and — Be. Connect to stillness. Listen to beauty. Practice peace and kindness. Play. Allow reverence to reverberate and remember the Bible is full of puns. Does Nature have a to-do list?’  Immediately following the workshop, I found a small table-top fountain at a garden store and created a sacred space featuring the fountain surrounded by plants & crystals, which creates a sanctuary of peace and greenness inside my home. I love hearing the soothing sound of the running water, and the beauty of the garden draws me constantly and keeps me feeling grounded and centered.”

“I liked how interactive the workshop was. I genuinely appreciated the time that was allowed to do our own exploration without constraints or preconceived ideas on how it should be done. When I wrote to my angels the week after the workshop, I received universal truths.”
- Becky

Advice from an Angel


He’s a young, low-ranking, art-loving member of the angelic hierarchy, and his name is Joe. 

In 1998 I “met” him while experimenting with using my less-dominant hand to write answers to the big questions I had about my life. Soon my left hand was channeling this loving, helpful, funny, sometimes painfully honest spirit as he explained his role (and mine) in the cosmic plan, offered daily support, and helped me to come into my own as an artist. 

In the wide-ranging angelic observations that fill Advice from an Angel, Joe helps me — and all of us — do what’s needed for a fulfilled and joyous life. This is an “angel book” with a big difference: Joe isn’t an awe-inspiring spirit with an ancient pedigree — he’s a regular-guy angel with a certain amount of self-doubt (and some envy of the human condition) whose wisdom is refreshingly down-to-earth.

For more information about purchasing Lin's books and art, please contact her at Lin@LinLacy.comTo purchase Advice from an Angel, please order here.